Root Beer Float 'Smoothie'



1 young Thai coconut (water and meat)

3-4 cups water (water kefir, coconut water)

2 bananas (preferably frozen)

3 Tbsp  chia seeds

1 Tbsp  lucuma powder (maple-like flavor)

2-3 medjool dates, pitted

1 tsp  maca powder (malty flavor)

1½  tsp vanilla extract (or 6 drops Medicine Flower vanilla extract)

1 - 1½  tsp  root beer extract or a few drops of birch essential oil

5 drops Medicine Flower caramel extract (optional)



Blend coconut (meat and water), water, and bananas until creamy.
Add remaining ingredients and blend well, adding ice as needed to desired thickness and temperature. 


Mmm – mmm Good!

Lacuma fruit / powder

Lacuma fruit / powder