Arabic Eggplant Dip (Mutabal)

A smoked eggplant appetizer whipped with yogurt and tahini finished with a bit of lemon juice. It’s very healthy and naturally gluten free!

Mutabal is more popular in Syria, and Lebanon than Jordan. But its still desired, and served in all gatherings. And note this is different from Baba ganoush. Because lots of people use both names interchangeably, but they are different two dishes.



1 medium Eggplant
2 Tb of yogurt
2 Tb of tahini
Juice of 1 lemon
Few garlic pieces
Olive oil for dipping, and garnish
Any green leaves like mint or cilantro


You need to grill the eggplant, first cut the green head, and put it directly on the stove, or you can put in the oven.
When the skin is tearing off, and becomes soft, you can start working on the eggplant.
Peel all the skin, then bring the eggplant to a cutting board, and start making strikes with a knife, both horizontally and vertically, transfer the eggplant into a small bowl
Crush garlic, and add it to tahini, lemon juice, and mix them together.
Start adding yogurt gradually, you may not need to put all of it, depending how rich is the tahini, and how thick the eggplant is.
Now put it in an open dish, spread it, and bring it to the side of it with a fork.
Serve it cold, refrigerate leftovers for couple of days only