Tabitha, Melissa, & Alejandra

Congratulations to Tabitha, Melissa, & Alejandra ♥

Awesome "week two" results ladies!!


Tabitha S.R. - "I lost 4.2 lbs! 3/4" in hips, 1/2" in thigh, 1/2" in waist & 1/2" in chest..i have tried the same dress on for the last 4 Sundays and yesterday I was able to finally wear it!!"

Melissa A. ~ "I lost another 4 pounds almost total of 10lbs, lost another 2.3% body fat and 1.1 % BMI, I lost another 7 inches all around!
I feel awesome , re-energized and re-charged (especially with my vaca with family)

Alejandra N. I lost 2 lbs !!!!

Monica Nouhan