Tabitha S.R

Fantastic 7 day results posted today in one of my challenge groups!  'MN


Tabitha Sons Reynolds writes ~

"Good morning! I'm really excited about my progress! I am noticing that I am able to push a little harder each time with the exercises, I feel great, & I have not had to take anything for acid re-flux nor heartburn all week! I began this journey for 2 reasons:1. I was feeling weary, had digestive issues, and just never felt good, needed to be healthy 2. I wanted to lose weight & be fit, stronger!

Its only been 7 days & I can feel & see the results all the way around!! I love the energy I feel & I am sleeping better than I have in years!! I am so thankful that I have joined this challenge & thankful for the coaches & those who are in this challenge with me! You help me more than you know!! Thank you!!

Ive lost 7.4lbs, 2" inches in my waist, 1/4" inch in my hips, & 2 1/2" inches in my thigh. Chest & arm doesnt show change but im ok with that!
I'm looking forward to this 2nd week!"


Monica Johanson Nouhan "thank you! I was a little Leary of the posting pictures all the time but i found that i look forward to checking in and when i ponder the excuses and temptations, i remember that i need to check in lol it helps a lot, and i feel great when i push through!! Thank you for yalls support!! also, my husband told me last night that he hasn't seen me smile as big & much as i was last night as we were talking about this challenge last night and my goals!"

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