Sarah E.N

Way to go Sarah! Congratulations on your success and dedication, you are an inspiration!


Sarah says ~

"5 months ago I started another weight loss journey GetFit21 , this one was differed from so many others I have tried...this one worked! In those 5months I have lost 25 lbs, 20 overall inches, went from a 13/14 to a 7/8 and went from an CL to a M!"

Sarah Elayne Neal-2.jpg
Coach Sela M

So proud of this gal!! She has done amazing!! Came to me feeling like nothing would help her reach her goals. She trusted in me as her Coach and GetFit21 and there you have it, she has stayed committed, continued to work hard and has successfully made healthy living her lifestyle. Awesome work Sarah I am so proud of you!!! You're such an inspiration!! 💜💪💚💪💜

Monica Nouhan