Bobby K.

Way to go Bobby!! down 6 lbs in 14 days! I am so impressed with your discipline ♥


My name is Bobby Kelly, and I’ve always been very active. I run 12 miles a day for 3 months now but I noticed that I was only maintaining my weight I wasn’t really seeing any progress, until I learn about getfit21 and all the resources it has, for example like food of choice and foods to avoid, I noticed that I was running 12 miles but I was eating mainly all of the food from the foods to avoid list.

But since I’ve been a Coach on getfit21 I’ve literally have followed the meal plan and also the 30 mins exercise, I’m only on day 14 of my personal challenge and I’ve already lost 6 lbs, but the good news is yesterday I ran 15 miles an I ran 15 miles this morning and I’m not even tired nore sore like before, because now since I’m only consuming good foods my body is making major improvements. I love this new opportunity to help others achieve there weight loss goals.


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