Way to go Joe Reiter - You're an awesome coach!


Hello, everyone. I'm Kirsten. I live in Maryland. I've struggled with my weight all my life (although, in reality, I was not overweight as a teenager, but I sure thought I was), including being discharged from the Army due to my weight. I'm heading towards my 50th birthday, and I'm the mom of 5 amazing human beings, grandma to one, and I could not be prouder. I've been married for almost 29 years to a man who has never really had a weight issue until recently (he asked me if I had washed his jeans in hot water.... Um, no dear, your clothes are not shrinking).

I'm here because I NEED to make a life long change. My mom had breast and ovarian cancer, which took her away from us almost 15 years ago. My dad was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in September and my brother was diagnosed with prostate cancer in November. That's a lot of cancer! I can't do anything about my genetics, but I can do something about my weight.

I just finished my first fit21 challenge, and I can see my life (and body!) changing. I didn't even fully commit (I occasionally snacked, and did very little exercise), and I am down about 5 pounds and several inches. But I am definitely noticing a difference in the way my clothes fit, especially my jeans. I'm excited to see what will happen this time, because I am all in!