Summer Shed challenge #2 ~ Winners!


Ist Place ~ ~ Katlin Anderson 13 lbs ~


Okay first off, I'm sorry I dropped off the grid! I felt like I was pushing myself too hard to keep up with all of you guys, and I felt it taking a negative toll on me. So my routine turned into workout every other day, 2 shakes a day, and a healthy meal for my third meal! I did have a few cheat meals here and there. But, I took the bottom pictures 21 days ago and promised I wouldn't look at them until the end of the challenge. I didn't think anything was happening, but I was so wrong!! My self confidence has greatly increased, I am 191 pounds (so close to my goal), and feeling amazing! I couldn't wait until tomorrow to share 😍 thank you for everything ladies!!

2nd Place ~ Courtney Anderson 6 lbs ~

I am so thankful I did this! I feel like I could’ve definitely done better, but this challenge has helped me get my motivation to work out and better myself kickstarted again!! You ladies are all so amazing and STRONG & I thank you so much for your constant support!

I don’t have a scale at home and I forgot to weigh myself last night at a friend’s house lol, but I started at 185 and the last time I weighed myself a few weeks ago I was 179. Here are my starting & ending inches & difference. Not much, but enough for me to be pumped to continue!
Bust- 38.5
Waist- 32.5
Hips- 38.5
Stomach- 38
Bust- 37.5
Waist- 31
Hips- 36.5
Stomach- 36
Total inches lost: 6.5
I can do more push ups and burpees before getting winded!