Shay C

This sweet young lady is so inspiring to me.

Take a minute to read her story! This is why I do GetFit 21   You're beautiful Shay!  'MN


Hi. I'm Shay and I am really excited that Get Fit 21 found me and I found them.

Week ONE ~ As of 7am today, I lost 1 pound. I started as a size 14. My goal is to fit a size 10. I had to wear a belt today to keep my jeans on. My belt hasn't fit me. And I had to keep the belt on so my pants would not fall and I wore the belt on notch 2. Woot woot

My weight loss journey began 5 years ago when I didn't recognize myself in pictures. I was 210 pounds. I was able to get down to 165 and have just sort of stayed there. To lose the initial weight I had no support, no encouragement, and a lot of people telling me I couldn't do it. But as I stayed at 165 and tried to stay healthy and fit, I wasn't happy. I wasn't reaching my goals and it was hard to stay motivated. I was also in a job that I wasn't happy in. And I woke up and started researching how to be a fitness coach or a health coach. And I had a friend who was and she told me to check out Get Fit 21. I did. And I even was so excited about them I wanted to be a coach too. Then I started having these I good enough?..can I teach people?...can I learn new things?...then I interviewed with Monica and got energized and renewed my excitement. And that was it, I was plugged in, I completed my coach certification. And am doing a 21 day challenge and learning and loving it and having fun. But more than anything I like the support and friendships because that is what keeps me on track everyday more than anything else. I also learned to drink water and to just show up even if things don't go right. SO here I am, learning all I can and super excited to be of help!!!