Shawanna G


Here's my testimony with before and now pics👍
For many years I've always been off and on "diets" trying to find the right way. I am now studying for my degree in Health Studies and came across GETFIT 21 and have learned so much about the foods we think are OK, are not!




I have made such a transformation in these 21 days in health, my mindset of food and a new lifestyle. I have lost a total of 15lbs. 2-3 inches lost in my my upper mid and lower waistline. I have lost a lot of body fat. And I learned how through a scientific method that works which made it more understandable to why "diets" don't work. And I also learned that eating healthy makes me feel!! And I do FEEL GOOD. With the help of the Complete meal replacement drink that's really satisfying and tasty makes you not want to run out of it. I'm so grateful that I found GetFit 21. I am now a Health Coach and I'm helping others feel amazing, empowering and transformed. It's all about a new lifestyle. And I am loving what I do!!!
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