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Hi y'all, my name is Sela Moya.

I live in Northeast Colorado with my 2 fury babies and my husband of 17 years. I'm a personal trainer/group fitness instructor/fitness coach.

Fitness & healthy living has become my passion. Life has given us as family brutal reminders about how important our health is, to be able to live our best life!

"Sela you are inspiring" 'MN

"Sela you are inspiring" 'MN


About 4 yrs. ago we lost a 13 yr. old cousin to bone cancer, this past Feb we lost a 9 yr. old niece in a car accident, 2 1/2 months ago we lost our brother in a homicide and we have a 24 yr. old niece that's been battling brain cancer for 5 yrs. now.

Although this all seems like so much tragedy, I've found that it has made me a much stronger person and has helped me realize that every day is a blessing. We have to live a healthy life in order to fully enjoy every single day because we just don't know our destinies.

I find my strength in my family to do good and help others live a healthy fulfilled life. My family is my everything.

This is my 4th round of GF21 and I'm so excited to be coaching alongside Monica! The loss of my brother made me feel completely defeated in every way.

I quit eating healthy, well some days not eating at all, I quit working out, I just hid from the world. GetFit21 helped me find my fire again!! I'm ready to conquer the world and help many with you all!!

I lost one inch around the waist, 3lbs and 1.6% body fat in the first 21 days! Here are my before and after pics from 21 days!

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