Samira B


For the last years I have had health and family issues that brought my being out there to a halt.   Honestly, I did not think I would ever put myself out there again. BUT here I am! And it is because I found something that has worked for me. It is something that I personally consider to be FUN, EASY, FULFILLING. Most beautifully it’s all done in HARMONY. And that’s not all!

Besides wanting to improve my physical and financial situation I was secretly hoping for a new mission, vision and passion in my life. Something that would get me excited again. Once I got to try UNICITY product glucose BALANCE my diabetes A1C went down considerably that my DR asked me “what was that that you are doing again”.   With the COMPLETE 21 days GetFit challenge I personally have lost 7 pounds and 7 and ¾ inches total. Most importantly, I was able to push through my fibromyalgia and do some exercises and improve my condition and now I can double my time exercising. And that is not all, through the whole challenge I felt like I was cheating all the time with the shakes. Because they taste so good I could not believe at first that I would lose weight. This was the easiest get fit program I have ever experienced in my 58 years.