Nicole D

 "After just her first 21 Day challenge!

Way to go Nicole you are so beautiful and I am so excited for your journey"   'MN

Nicole Dreverman_B_A.jpg

I’m Nicole Dreverman.

I recently participated in the Get Fit 21 Day Challenge coached by Jill Norton. Not only was the program excellent, the Unicity Complete meal replacement was really good. Which if you have tried meal replacement shakes for weight lose, they all tasted awful and didn’t work.
The shake along with a workout from one of the many workout options this challenge has me well on my way to my weight lose goals and healthier lifestyle.

I have struggled to lose weight. It took me all last year to stay motivated and loss 10 pounds. In the 21 days of this challenge, I have lost 8 pounds and 19.5 inches.

I look forward to continuing on with the next challenge and getting that much closer to my goals.

I know some may be skeptical of a challenge but this challenge has been the best thing ever for me. I love the support you have from your coach (Jill Norton is amazing) as well as the other challengers (Monica Johanson Nouhan was and amazing challenger with great words of encouragement). The energy I have is amazing and I love the way I feel now in my own skin knowing I’m bettering myself.

Thank you for introducing me to a healthier lifestyle and I actually love working out now.

Looking forward to a healthier future!!!

The 'after' picture is after just 21 days in the first challenge!!