Lauri B

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"Coaches, When I read these testimonials I ask myself who else can I share GetFit21 with? We are changing people lives!"  'mn


My name is Lauri. I am currently 49 years old but will soon be 50 in April.

I began this challenge 13 days ago to lose weight so I’ll feel better but also look better as lagniappe!!

I’m a Mother of four and Grandmother of two precious girls.

Last year I was diagnosed with a growth of my thyroid which was ultimately removed along with half my thyroid. It was found to be precancerous and the doctor said we got it out “just in time.”
This experience alone made me reevaluate my health and my lifestyle.

I have too much life to live and too many memories to make for my health to get in my way!

I have found the Get Fit 21 program to be the easiest and most rewarding program I’ve ever tried!

It keeps me focused with daily encouragement and education. It is simple to follow and fits my busy lifestyle and it’s proven to me over the last 13 days that it works!!

I am currently down 10 pounds and 9 1/2 inches overall since January 16th!! Thanks to this program and my coach Rachel Blocker, I am learning how to take control over my weight and live healthy!

Thank you Get Fit 21 !!



Coach Rachel Blocker says:

"I LOVE my work!!!!! I LOVE my challengers!! Above all I LOVE when they LOVE themselves !! 4 weeks 15 lbs 14.5 inches!! #getfit21!! You rock Lauri Brady and I'm so proud of you."  'lb