"I would like to share a testimonial with you from a from a challenger of a top coach, Rachel Blocker. We as coaches with the GetFit21 program can impact so many lives to a healthier lifestyle! Thank you for sharing!"   'MN


I’m Amanda. And this is my family.

I have two little boys(Gavin-5, Camden-4).

Rachel and I work together. This will be my second “get fit” challenge. It works!!!

It not only helped me to lose 14 lbs. but it has changed the way I think about food. I was a food addict. Especially fast food. But I am no longer bound to that!!

Doing good for 21 days broke that habit/addiction. I don’t crave food constantly anymore. I still enjoy food but In a different way. I now eat to live, not live to eat. And I now know HOW to eat.

I've been a yo yo dieter for 10 years, trying every quick fix out there and I could never stay committed to anything. I think that’s why this program was the first that ever worked for me. Because Rachel and the group is right there with you, keeping you accountable and being encouraging.

I can’t wait for this new challenge!!!!

I'm sorry if I sound like a spokesperson, lol! I’m just seriously impressed by Rachel and this program and I can’t imagine ever not living with these principles ever again!! Or the vanilla complete- can’t live without that ever again either!!!😊*

This challenge I hope to drop some more weight and inches, gain energy, feel better about myself. And eliminate some pain in my hip and feet that is made much worse by my weight.

Let’s go!!!! I’m ready!!!!